May 1, 2004 (Los Angeles, California) -- Chubby Checker, King of the Twist, started a world-wide revolution in 1959 with his infectious, upbeat music, introducing “dancing apart to the beat,” and is again making history in the snack food industry with a new, unique line of products that fits the needs and tastes of today’s consumers. A hands-on entrepreneur, Checker is the visionary and creator of Chubby’s Checkerbar, Chubby Checker Brand Beef Jerky, Outside the Bun Hot Dogs, New York Twist Steaks, Golden Hits Gourmet Popcorn, and Girl of the World Bottled Water. CorBranz Marketing Group, LLC, has formed an exclusive alliance with Last Twist, Inc., Checker's parent company, to market his brand on a worldwide basis. The company is currently launching the brand in North America, Australia, and Europe. Chubby and his CorBranz partners have big plans for his brand in supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, clubs, mass merchandisers and quick service restaurant chains.

In order to capitalize on the “Fun Food” phenomenon, CorBranz plans to implement high impact in-store merchandising programs that leverage Chubby’s name and retro/nostalgia appeal in the form of colorful floor, wing, and counter displays (some in the shape of jukeboxes) and personal appearances by Chubby himself. “This is a wonderful opportunity to provide today’s consumer with high quality, fun foods, that combine the fame and appeal of one of the world’s true music legends,” says Mark Davis, CorBranz Co-President. “Chubby’s persona and style have no boundaries when it comes to time, age, race, or geography and we’re confident this mass appeal will help to attract a broad demographic group to his food items. “ John Schlosser, CorBranz other Co-President, suggests that fun food and distinctive packaging from The King of The Twist provides the retailer with tremendous profit potential. “Just the mention of “The Twist,” he says, “brings a smile to anyone’s face, and when your customers are smiling, they are certainly inclined to spend a bit more freely.”

It’s over 40 years since Ernest Evans debuted as Chubby Checker on the Hot 100, the week of May 15, 1959, with “The Class,” a recording that featured him impersonating well-known artists such as Fats Domino, the Coasters and Elvis Presley. His breakout single “The Twist” was the only record to reach number one twice in its glory (once in 1960 and again in 1962). Selling 250,000,000 records during those 4 ½ years, Dick Clark said, “The three most important things that ever happened in the music industry are Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Chubby Checker.” How did Checker morph from a life-long entertainer into a confessed “foodie” and entrepreneur? Checker says, “Over the years, the food industry has had a lot of success selling products using “Chubby,” “Checker” and “Twist” in their brand names, so that was one of the reasons I decided to develop my own brand. I wanted to provide consumers with my own unique and fine tasting products from The King of the Twist.” Definitely Checker knows what it takes.

Mover and shaker that he is, while additions to his expanding line of “portafuel” products were being readied for distribution, Checker was back in the studio recording his latest single, “Limbo Rock (Remixes),” featuring “Original Master of the Dancehall Beat,” credited to Chubby C & OD featuring Inner Circle. (Chubby C is the latest incarnation of Chubby Checker), adding pop, rap and reggae sounds to his lively and long-standing repertoire. The song debuted on Billboard’s Top 100 and quickly rose to number 3 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart. Clearly, Checker’s intuition, vitality, drive and talent wear many hats. He loves his fans and appreciates the significance they play in boosting sales and name recognition of his new line of fun food products.

No one can accuse Checker of being just a figurehead. His commitment to his foods, added to his 40+ year share of history and pop culture, is a proven recipe for success.









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