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May 1, 2004 (Los Angeles, California) -- Chubby Checker, King of the Twist, started a world-wide revolution in 1959 with his infectious, upbeat music, introducing “dancing apart to the beat,” and is again making history in the snack food industry with a new, unique line of products that fits the needs and tastes of today’s consumers. A hands-on entrepreneur, Checker is the visionary and creator of Chubby’s Checkerbar, Chubby Checker Brand Beef Jerky, Outside the Bun Hot Dogs, New York Twist Steaks, Golden Hits Gourmet Popcorn, and Girl of the World Bottled Water. CorBranz Marketing Group, LLC, has formed an exclusive alliance with Last Twist, Inc., Checker's parent company, to market his brand on a worldwide basis. The company is currently launching the brand in North America, Australia, and Europe. Chubby and his CorBranz partners have big plans for his brand in supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, clubs, mass merchandisers and quick service restaurant chains. More>

Chubby Checker, “The King of the TWIST”, has been packing in crowds and pleasing audiences of all ages for the past four decades. His ability to electrify an audience puts him in a class of his own. Chubby has performed in all types of showrooms, concert halls, theaters, casinos, clubs, colleges, and professional athletic team stadiums. He has also performed for Presidents, heads of states and large corporations throughout his career.

Chubby has been out on the road doing what he does best, entertaining and providing fun for people. His heavy touring schedule is guaranteed to route him through your neighbourhood or region, so do not miss your opportunity to book this family entertainer and Rock ‘n’ Roll icon. Be a part of music history.


The following is a list of accomplishments Chubby Checkers’ music has achieved over the past four decades.

In the Billboard Top Ten Chart, 1958-1995 by Joel Whitburn the following facts are listed:

-The Twist is #2 on the list of the Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era (it held #1 for 33 years until 1993’s Tag Teams’ Whoomp! (There It Is). Limbo Rock (#311), Let’s Twist Again (#2076), Slow Twistin’  (#2017), The Fly (#2335) and Popeye Hitchhiker (#4266) also made the list.

-The Twist ranks #1 in the following categories: Top 100 Songs of the Sixties, Top 100 Songs of 1962, Top 100 Songs by Male Solo Artists (Elvis with Don’t Be Cruel is #2), Top 100 Rock Era Remakes.

-The Twist also ranks #6 for Top 100 Songs of 1960 and #15 for Top 100 Songs by Teens & Pre-Teens.

-Limbo Rock (#25) and Pony Time (#49) are in the Top 100 Songs of the Sixties; Pony Time (#7), Let’s Twist Again (#42), and The Fly (#50) are in the Top 100 Songs of 1961; and Slow Twistin’ (#36) are in the Top 100 Songs of 1962; and Limbo Rock is #7 in the Top 30 “Rock” & “Roll” Songs  (songs that contain the words “Rock” or “Roll”).

-Chubby is a record breaker who has sold over 250 million records to date worldwide. This places him in the #56 spot in all time record sales.

-Chubby Checker is the only artist to have the same single record go #1 twice in different years (1960 & 1962).










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