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May 1, 2004 (Los Angeles, California) -- Chubby Checker, King of the Twist, started a world-wide revolution in 1959 with his infectious, upbeat music, introducing “dancing apart to the beat,” and is again making history in the snack food industry with a new, unique line of products that fits the needs and tastes of today’s consumers. A hands-on entrepreneur, Checker is the visionary and creator of Chubby’s Checkerbar, Chubby Checker Brand Beef Jerky, Outside the Bun Hot Dogs, New York Twist Steaks, Golden Hits Gourmet Popcorn, and Girl of the World Bottled Water. CorBranz Marketing Group, LLC, has formed an exclusive alliance with Last Twist, Inc., Checker's parent company, to market his brand on a worldwide basis. The company is currently launching the brand in North America, Australia, and Europe. Chubby and his CorBranz partners have big plans for his brand in supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, clubs, mass merchandisers and quick service restaurant chains. More>

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The Last Twist, Inc
was founded in the late 1990's but has been Chubby's
vision for much longer. Chubby and food have always been very close, from his early roots in the South Philadelphia chicken markets to the present as a self- proclaimed "barbecue guru". Look around your food store shelves and you will notice something that marketing executives have realized since the early 60's when "The Twist" sat atop the charts; the market value in the words or derivations of the words: CHUBBY, TWIST & CHECKER. Chubby has been watching this phenomenon and has finally decided to join his many admirers in selling a little part of himself. Chubby has developed a line of exciting food products using only high quality, natural ingredients. The dedication to quality is evident in all of his lines of snack foods, meats and chocolates. Good tasting and most of all familiar to your customers, it's time to put a "New Twist" on the American snack food industry and homes of all Americans. Put the Last Twist first on your list.
Always with much love,
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Checkerbar, Beef Jerky
Beef Jerky
Hot Dogs, Checkerbar, Beef Jerky
Checkerbar, Beef Jerky
Checkerbar, Beef Jerky

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